Fruit trees okay in full shade in winter?

aliaubJanuary 29, 2014

Hi All,

I have a part of my yard that I had ordered bare root fruit trees for many months ago. Well they are scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks and I'm questioning their location now. When I had planned out the space for them, the area was in full sun. Well 1/3 of the area has been in full shade for many months. Will this cause a fruiting issue? I searched online but came up with limited info and the nursery I ordered from is very busy right now and hard to get a hold of. I'm planting apple, peach, plum and apricot trees. Any experience or help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm not an expert, but if it's only in the shade while it's in dormancy, it may be more helpful as it may give it more chill hours in its microclimate.

But I have a Burgundy Plum, a Nectaplum and a Flavor Grenade growing in a less than ideal spot in my backyard between two trees with limited sun. The nectaplum in the middle is doing great and is flowering and fruiting right now as was around 9 feet tall before my landlord had the two large trees pruned and the tree cutters let the branches fall on my trees. Now it's 7 feet as the tip was damaged. These trees were planted last year. So I hope as well that it will not matter much. Though, my burgundy is starting to bloom now as well. I live in Southern California.

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I have 4 pluots/plums that are in a side yard that is pretty much shaded all winter, without direct sunlight and they have been fine. The ground the are planted in don't get direct sunlight all winter. Did you choose a wet soil tolerant rootstock like citation? I also live in southern CA, so I think that helps.

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