List of drought tolerant fruits?

nullzero(9)January 23, 2008

I am looking for fruits and nut trees that are drought tolerant... Off the top of my head I could only come up with these; Pomegrante, Olives, Prickely Pear Cactus, Date Palms, and Avocado. Is there any good fruits and nuts I am leaving out?

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crabjoe(z7 MD)

I think you're better off asking about a specific climate.

Last year, we were in drought conditions where there were some water restrictions and all the lawns turned brown. And even with that happening, I didn't have to water any of my fruit trees (apples, peach, pear, persimmon, etc).

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Was looking for drought tolerant fruit/nut plants in a zone 9 Mediterranean/Desert climate. Some examples like Southern California, Israel, Greece, Turkey etc.

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Doing some more research, I found several fruits to add;

Australian Desert Lime (Supposely the best drought tolerant citrus)
Figs (many varieties)
Pineapple Guava
Blackberries (drought tolerant once established)

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We get an average of fifteen inches of rain a year, with a range of seven to twenty being common. The rain falls from late fall through spring, mostly January through March. On my property the following fruits grow without supplemental water:

oranges (yes, really, and they do bear fruit)
olives (I don't eat these)

The following grow with monthly supplemental water:


My apricot picks up some water from the irrigation of a nearby flower bed, but honestly it would be better off without the water. So, at least, the certified horticultural person at the local nursery tells me.

There are also a variety of cherry plums and nut trees planted some sixty or seventy years ago that are outside my watering zone. I don't harvest them and the wildlife get the fruit and nuts, but they definitely do flower and bear.


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Jujubes like it hot and dry - see link below.

I think they are an excellent fruit, unlike some of the other uncommon fruits which have major defects. They are in fact a common fruit in China, it is only the rest of the world where they are uncommon.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jujubes info from TAMU

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found out from the link posted that almonds thrive in drought enviroments.

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carob drought loving pest ad disease self growing
100% edible by humans and animals too and very industrial fruit tree.where ever citrus grows it is perfect.

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Carob trees are all over San Jose in the parking strips, surprised they planted them in these places with all the pods they drop. My dogs love to eat them. They smell great I'll probably try and process some later in the year....

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Most fruit trees are somewhat drought tolerant once established, provided they are planted with such a plan in mind. Otherwise holding back water can do a lot of harm. BYOC plantings will require much more water as tree spacing is tighter and smaller tree size is maintained.

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