Triple crown spacing and trellising

poolecw(Georgia 7b)January 23, 2014

What has been your best set up with planting triple crown blackberries? I have seen several trelling methods and would like poll the the "hive" here on GardenWeb.

I have seen a two wire method where arms are sent down each wire. I have seen a two wire method where the arms are trained to wrap around the top wire, then the bottom, then back to the top (and continues this pattern). I have seen a "fan" pattern used as well where canes radiate from the ground and are tied to trellis wires.

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My triple crown blackberries are planted under livestock fence (the type with the larger holes). They kind of trellis themselves by growing through it. One "problem" I have is that the canes will continually dive down so that the tip of the cane will start a new plant. This makes mowing near the plants harder because they anchor themselves this way. But they are kept upright enough by the fence. I confess to not putting much effort into their upkeep. But I still get a decent crop mostly on alternate years.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I use a 2 wire system. They are semi-erect. You can't really wrap the canes, as they are too stiff, and will snap. Not like trailing blackberries where that is easy to do. You can wrap them a touch, but they are thick and somewhat upright. They do grow down after growing up. They can easily grow 15 feet long. You could cut them to 6 feet and secure to top wire, or let them grow along top wire, that is what i do.They tend to grow upright to 5 feet than start to bend down, that is when you can weave them into the top wire. These are top rate berries!! Good choice!!

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Triple Crown canes are so robust and stiff that they are better suited to frames rather than wires. I use steel T-posts connected on top with 2x2 cedar. The main cane is tied onto the the horizontal cedar pieces at 5 feet above the ground; laterals can be tied onto the cedar, to adjacent canes and to each other. No need for arms or wires, the cane and laterals are largely their own trellis.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

What Larry says might work better. My trellis is for many cultivars, it's about 25 feet long. Some are trailing, some are erect, and everything inbetween. So a two wire "universal" trellis works for me.

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My trellis also includes arms and wires for trailing types that are interspersed with the triple crowns--although the TC could just as well be used to trellis the trailers--but one doesn't want to get canes bundled too densely.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Triple Crown is an impressive plant. i have Sanchez too, and that one also grows like mad! It is a lot more upright, and a stake would work well. It really doesn't need a trellis. I also have not decided what i will be keeping? Mother nature has something to say about it. -14 here a couple weeks ago, and for two nights next week going down to -8.
I'll be adding Black Diamond, Apache, and Loch Ness next year.
I may have room for more, i guess we will see!! If room opens up from a plant that does not make it, i would like to add a primocane cultivar. I have 8 cultivars currently, plus the three new ones next spring will make 11! Also adding 2 black raspberry cultivars. i have one currently. I like to have red, yellow, and black raspberries every year.

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So, good advice may be if specializing in erect varieties like TC, staking or framing will do. If one is eventually trialing or keeping a wide variety of caneberry growth habits, a more complete trellis system is worthwhile.

Black Diamond and black-caps definitely can use trellis wires.

As for spacing, 2 or 3 feet between clumps of canes is doable, but for such dense planting one has to plan on what to do with large crops. 4, 6, or 8-foot in-row spacing may be more practical and manageable. Spacing between rows should be at least 4 feet. 8 feet is more common.

Keep in mind that TC makes very long fruiting spurs--18 inches up high and up to 3 feet long down low (!). So these canes should not be crowded by other gardening.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I like to have the trailing types as IMHO they are the better tasting types. Many though will not grow here. Not that many more cultivars I wish to try. I have 6 trellises here. For blackberries and raspberries. 4 are 2 wire, one is three wire, and another is two sets of two wires. Most are for raspberries, I have about 20 cultivars. Spacing varies but it is conservative for the blackberries. Many are spaced at 6 feet, most at 5 feet. If SWD ever becomes a problem trellis systems will be used for vegetables vines, or possibly kiwi.

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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

Thanks for the info, guys. I put them in the ground at 6' spacing this weekend. I have some time before I have to set up the trellis. So that should give me some time to think it through.

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