muscadines & cold weather

john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)January 6, 2014

I have put in muscadines this last year but I don't know how well they will take the cold. My weather is not going to be as bad as the people up north but tonight it will drop into the teens. Not even low teens. I just don't know how much cold weather muscadines can take. Any advise would be helpful. Should I cover or not?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Teens should be OK, but single digits can be bad. They usually come back from the roots if they die but then you have a few years before they are fruiting again.

4F for me tonight, I could lose a muscadine or two.


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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

I planted muscadines back in Spring 2013 as well. When it got really cold, I mounded hay straw around them for protection. I went 2ft thick and maybe 3ft in diameter.

Isons Nursery in middle Ga recommends mounding dirt up around the trunk and leaving until spring.

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zzackey(8b GA)

Hubby pruned ours the other day. January is our month to prune. It will give you much better production. Find out when you need to do your annual pruning.

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vanman23(6b/7a - OK)

I have a Cowart muscadine planted against the South wall of a barely heated guest house. It got down to 2 degrees here in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago and suppose to be 8 degrees tonight. It actually pulled the trellis down over the summer and is just laying on the ground. Just checked the plant this AM and it is still green and flexible. So hopefully it will be OK. I think I am about as far north as possible to grow muscadine. I've never seen a wild plant here like I have in GA when I was growing up.


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A couple of weeks ago it got down to -3 here. My 4 muscadine vines still appear to be alive and healthy. Even the "Ison" which is supposedly more prone to cold damage. Getting down to around 5 tonight, and more single digit temps next week. By far the coldest winter here in at least 30 years. I'm hoping everything pulls through. Spring can't get here soon enough.

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