Does Miracle Fruit...

Edymnion(7a)January 9, 2012

...sprout multiple stems from one root mass?

Synsepalum dulcificum, the african red berry that when you chew it it will make anything sour taste sweet afterwards. I have one growing now that I got in late October last year that has been doing well.

Just noticed something odd while doing the rounds today with my sprouting/overwintering plants. The miracle fruit has another seedling sprout coming up all of a sudden.

My first thought was "What? I mixed that soil myself, it shouldn't have any extra seeds in it?" and tried to gently pull whatever it was up. Didn't budge, whatever it is its in there real good. And since its nothing but seed leaves right now, I can't really tell if its the same plant or not (although the seed leaves do look a lot like the real leaves on the main plant).

Before I go and yank it out with force, I wanted to double check that these things (first time growing one) aren't one of those plants that will send up multiple stems from the same root cluster.

If they do, I'll be happy to let it grow it's second stem and leave it alone. If they aren't known to do that, I'll give it a harder yank.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Depends how small the plant is it can do that. I've grown some from seeds and I've seen that. Larger plants usually retain a single trunk..


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This is a pretty small plant, it just put out it's 4th leaf a week or two ago. It took this long to settle in, it seems, but in the past couple of weeks its has finally started taking off.

So these things can send up a second stem, thats good to know. I'll just leave it be then. Worst case scenario the new shoot matures into something else entirely and I just pull it then.

If it is a second miracle fruit stem from the same roots, I'm assuming the best thing to do would be to just leave it be permanently, not try and separate it out later on? Or would it be better to try and make two plants out of it once they get bigger and I'm repotting anyway?

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It would be best to keep it as two stems on one root ball, but if you want to try and air layer it, or something similar, go ahead. It would be dangerous to try and separate the roots to each plant though.

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