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MichaelJanuary 30, 2014

I think I already posted on this but can't find it, duh!

So here goes: when should the pheromone monitoring traps be hung in apple trees to catch the 1st flight in order to establish biofix and subsequently know when to start spraying? I'm sure some of the suggestions like from U of CA don't necessarily apply to my location. Is there a tree growth stage like pink or 1/2" green to go by?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Monitoring traps should be hung by full bloom. Hang a bit earlier if you want to be sure you don't forget.


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Thanks Scott, my guess was what you stated, I just wasn't too sure if the little buggers would be out a lot sooner and need to be monitored to get the 1st biofix right. Or, is the critical biofix and generation, the one nearest flowering?

Guess if I'm bored I can always hang traps much earlier than bloom and see what shows up, if anything, wouldn't hurt to know if the buggers are out and about much sooner that bloom, not that there would be any point in spraying then, I guess. Definitely not going to spray during bloom, need all the bees I can get.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

The first generation needs little apples to lay eggs in and they don't live very long, so they are not out before bloom. If they came out early they would be dead before there was any fruitlets to lay eggs on. So, I don't think there is any need to hang earlier, it will just deplete the power of the pheromone.


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Does anyone know how long the sealed pheromone lures keep? There is a sort of junk shop I know of that has a bunch of outdated ones for sale for about half price, but I have no idea how long the guy has had them. Anyone tried using old ones?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have used old ones that worked fine. If you have experience with fresh ones you can tell by the smell how strong they are. If they are a few years out of date they may be OK. It depends where they were kept as well. I freeze them and they last many years beyond exp date that way.


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Thanks again Scott for your input.

I was partly thinking about pre-bloom monitoring in case there are any alternate host sites for the moths to be laying eggs and starting what would be a first generation earlier than the apple bloom time.

I too was wondering about storing the dispensers, why pay for shipping twice if it isn't needed? No doubt the bat-wing traps will store just fine for a year or 2 at room temperature.

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Thanks, Scott, for that information. Of course, the lures are just hanging on a peg at room temperature at the junk store, if they are even still there. Plus the store reeks of cigarette smoke. I have some red plastic Christmas ornaments that I plan to smear with Tangletrap and attach a lure to the hanger. I also have some bright yellow plastic from corn starch containers that I might try that with. I've never used the lures before, but bought some when Gurneys had a half-price sale before Christmas. Haven't decided yet whether to buy any from the junk store. Northwoodswis

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