Persimmon 'Saijo'

greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)January 15, 2008

I got my mail order baby tree and put it in the ground this past weekend - first time I've seen this cultivar available in commerce in California and I noticed it's sold out (nursery I ordered it from in the vicinity of Atascadero). Has anyone grown or tasted this one, is it true that it's the "very best one?"

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I know that it's one of the varieties they sell here in zone 6, so it definately tolerates lower temps. I have heard that it's pretty good, but having not tasted it myself I cna't say. I'd love to get one though, unfortunately I'm out of space as it is in my tiny backyard.

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joereal(Ca z9/SS z14)

It's one of the very best one I've tasted from my yard once properly ripened. Very sweet milk caramel like taste for me. Am eagerly awaiting fruits from Tamopan, another excellent tasting, if not better than Saijo, but produces a lot bigger fruits. Hachiyas would rank bland compared to any of these two.

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I grow Tanenashi, Jiro, Saijo, Fuyu, and Suruga in South Louisiana. Saijo is the best tasting one in my collection.


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Thats good to hear. I only got fruits from Chocolate, Hachiya, and Great Wall this year. I was disappointed in Great Wall, it was stringy and not as tasty as Hachiya. It also did not ripen as well. I was concerned all of these older smaller varieties would not be as good as the bigger ones; my Saijo has not fruited yet. Great Wall is one of the most hardy trees, but I would not recommend it unless it is the only kind that will grow.


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I have eaten many Hachiya too, However, I prefer the taste of Saijo.


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I have a Saijo which is bearing fruit for the first time this year. They are ripening a couple at a time, and are FABULOUS. However, many of them are splitting lengthwise. The splits seal themselves on many and the fruit continues to ripen, but on some there is black rot along the split (again, the fruit continues to ripen and if I remove the rotten part, it's still well worth eating!) and about 25 % are perfect (so far.) Anyone know what's going on? Any suggestions?
I'd post a photo but I'm not too computer saavy...
Ann in MD

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I don't know about persimmons in particular, but splitting is common in many types of fruit. There are several causes but the most common one is it was dry and then it rained a bunch and the fruit grew too fast for its skin with all this water and split. There is usually not much you can do about it. Are you picking them astringent and ripening them off the tree? That is how they are intended to be eaten. I usually go by the color, when they turn from light orange to dark orange I pick them. Then they sit on the counter; when they get soft I eat them. It could be you are leaving them on the tree longer than you need to. My tomatoes have been splitting and rotting badly at the end of the season here so I am picking them at pink stage and ripening inside to avoid the splits.


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Thanks, Scott!

I have tried to keep it well watered all summer, but it's hard to do it perfectly...that could be it. Would you say persimmons are especially sensitive?

I have been letting them soften on the tree. Mine seem to go from green to orange, and they seem to not turn fully orange until they're starting to soften. One was 1/2 soft and I let it finish up on the counter and it was great.

I've only eaten a few so far---most are still up there. Do you think I should pick some that aren't all orange yet? I don't think there has been one yet that was orange and hard.

Thanks again,


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Ann, my varieties are hard but fully colored on the tree. Maybe Saijo is different. In any case they are harvested when they fully color and no sooner. I have never had a single persimmon split. I would just hope it does better in future years.


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We have grown several varieties in South Louisiana and this variety is by far the best. The fruit are like candies and the sugar content rivals any fruit that I've seen. I am thinking of making a mango style chutney with this variety and have already made successful breads. The hard "Fuyu" varieties are very good, but these are jewels to the taste buds.

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I have Hachiya , Sheng & Jiro growing here in Virginia. All taste fine to me and all three produce very well. I just planted a Saijo as I have read about how good they are. Time will tell. My Saijo may well give fruit as it is about 1 1/2 inch caliper at he trunk and well branched. No trouble ever with splitting and never had to spray these or any of my pears. Neal Smith Alex. Va.

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

Saijo is the only Asian persimmon that I've eaten that has as interesting a taste as the American varieties. The others to me are sweet but uninteresting, like a modern Red Delicious apple.
John S

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