Killing an ornamental pomegranate

IsaraJanuary 20, 2014

Hi everyone:

I've got an ornamental pomegranate I'm trying to kill off. Someone planted it in an area that is completely surrounded by other trees, so the pomegranate itself isn't happy, and it's got a LOT of runner shoots all over the place, where it trying to find sunlight.

There're a few other complications with the location, too. It's right in the middle of a row of plants:

Tall Eureka lemon tree
Unhappy rose bushes
Unhappy rose bush #2
Tall mandarin orange tree

These plants are all spaced about 1 foot apart (!!), and I'm trying to save the citrus trees, so I'm nervous about trying to kill anything with salt and vinegar or borax, not knowing what that will do to the trees.

Does anyone have any advice for clearing out the pomegranate? And if it kills off the roses, too, even better...

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

I use that extra strength Poisen Ivy Brush Killer from Lowes on anything I want to kill that has runners. Black Locust trees, some other trees that have wild runners, etc. I spray it on the leaves to aborb, and also cut slits along the bark with a sharp knife to open wounds to absorb more poisen. it will get down into the roots it seems and kill off a big portion of the plant, if not all of it. Guess just be careful and make sure no fruits/veggies close by to spray onto. Doubt the roots would 'cross' and spread to other plants. I never had that issue as Im careful not to spray on a windy day. You might be able to cut up the plant now and spray the just bark when its waking up. Not sure whats more effective in that regard.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

You can use one of those foam paint brushes, dip it in the solution and brush it on the plant without worry of drips and getting it on anything but the target plant. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone!! I will try that with the brush idea. I also have a giant jade plant strangling one of the rose bushes I do want to keep (WHY? WHY plant those two 3 inches apart?!). I'll try the same method on that beastly stump, too.

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