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littlelizzy123January 23, 2014

I have recently moved into a home that has a very neglected back yard. This summer, I found a grape vine that looked as old a Methuselah that had been cut down. By some sort of miracle, it produced some leaves, and one lovely cluster of green grapes. (Photos attached) How do I rejuvenate this vine again? The grapes were not seedless, but still delicious. Is it worth saving? Should I pull it up and plant a new vine? How do I go about trimming such a thing?

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Also this. Sorry for the blurry pictures, my phone camera is about shot.

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I think it is pretty hard to kill an established grape vine. It should grow back for you. Then just treat it as you would a new vine. There is lots of advice on raising grapes that you can search out on this forum from past posts. Northwoodswis

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Yeah, if its established you pretty much can't kill it. Grapes are considered an invasive weed in some areas they are so hard to get rid of.

If there's any life in it at all, just leave it be and it'll start growing. You'll want to read up on how to prune it in order to make it bear more, but for the next couple years just let it do whatever it wants until it gets bigger. Then you can start trimming it back into the shapes you want.

Best part is, grapes are easy to root from cuttings. Anything you prune off them in the winter you can just stick in some dirt when it warms up and, long as you keep it moist, they'll root into a whole new vine for you.

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Here's an update:

Weather has been about 50-60 degrees, so yesterday I cut all the dead off to the ground, and left the bit with the last year's growth. That sucker was at least 10-12 inches at the base. How old do you think that would that be?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

It's probably around the age of your house. That's a pretty big trunk! Go to Youtube and search for pruning or training grapevines on a trellis. Lots of videos there.

We have a small vineyard. Train the main cane as high as you wish then pinch the tip. It will send out lateral canes. Pinch the ones you don't want and let the others grow. When you prune, leave some buds for next years canes and fruit. In each bud is hiding a new cane and a bunch of grapes. Do this year after year, and you will always have grapes. If you cut off all the dormant buds, you won't have any fruit the next year.

Your vine can be beautiful on that nice trellis! Just tie it up there and be sure to leave buds on the canes that are growing over the top. Remove canes that are growing in places they shouldn't.

Grapevines are vines and they have a mind of their own. They will send out canes every which way, so you have to be the boss. If a cane grows on the ground, it will root and you will have a new vine.

You might have a wine grape there. Vinifera all have seeds, are very sweet and make wonderful wines, juices and jams.

Have fun!

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That's a pretty awesome find for a neglected backyard.

All I've found in my new neglected backyard are ticks, voles, and lots of work.

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