any fruit trees that thrive with dog urine?

devinZJanuary 29, 2014

I have an area of the yard that is a dog run currently, but other than that, could be an excellent place for a couple fruit trees or possibly some sort of bush... does anyone know of any trees that at least don't seem to mind being frequently used as a doggy urinal or ideally may even do well from that?

in case these details help narrow it down
- this area gets direct sun ~ 80% of the day
- I am in southern CA (santa barbara area)
- the soil is mostly dense clay (I believe people call it adobe clay soil)

Thanks, Devin

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Dense poorly draining soil and dog pee aren't going to be good for any fruit. I'd suggest a large pot for your tree or bush and keep the dog out of the pot. Or if the dog does his thing there at least it would be easy to leach out.

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I'd say if anything,probably a Mulberry.They can be pruned to a bush type habit.

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Surely any tap rooted tree will be immune. Chestnuts for example. In the first year a protective mulch may be necessary.

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