Ukrainian Almonds

toddfialaJanuary 2, 2011

As I was paging through my Jung Seed and Plants catalog, I noticed that they sell Ukrainian almond trees. They carry Bounty and Oracle. They are claiming that they can be grown in zones 5-8. Does anyone have any experience or further knowledge about these almonds? I am considering giving them a try and I am in southeast Nebraska, zone 5. I do successfully grow peaches here, if that information helps.



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I've grown Halls Hardy for many years. Beautiful tree, but the nuts are very hard to shell, and, as a peach almond hybrid, they contain cyanide and need to be boiled and leached out before use. I have some other true almonds that are growing, but no crop yet.

These two look promising. May have to order them myself. I got some nursery stock from Jung 2 years ago, and was really pleasantly surprised at the quality.

If you can grow peaches, you should be able to grow these.

The only problem with any nut is squirrel competition. Live trap and removal or destruction is the best practical control where I live, since it's a "no discharge of a firearm allowed" community.

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I bought those Ukrainian almonds around 2006, not as hardy as northern peaches.
-15F they seemed alright, they did alright through couple average winters with no topkill. But when had a -21F, they were all gone. Think peach is used as rootstock, so that's what I have now from the growing rootstocks. Zone 5 is too broad, I would say borderline 5/6 would be the lowest hardiness zone for them.

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mommapea(Z6 southwest PA)

lkz5ia, did you ever get any edible almonds? If so, were they any good? I've heard that the Hall's Hardy variety will grow in the lower zones, but it's a bitter almond... hard shell, and you have to boil them before eating since they contain a mild poison.

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no, they didn't get to that flowering and fruiting stage before getting killed off. Think I might try again next year and grow it in a pot. Hopefully it would produce nuts under those conditions, and just plant the nuts without worrying about grafted product. I'd imagine if they are like peaches, that they would come fairly true to seed possibly?

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