growing feijoas in DC?

timothina(7a)January 22, 2014

Hi. I read that feijoas are hardy up to zone 7. Has anybody successfully grown them in the DC area?
Thank you in advance.

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I've wondered the same thing but it seems zone 7 would be pushing it, since they are typically not considered hardy all the way down to 0, but only to 15 or, the lowest I've seen is to 5 degrees. Even if they survive the winter they apparently need a very long growing season to go from flower to ripe fruit anyway.

I never had success with them in pots as indoor/outdoor plants, but most people consider them some of the easier fruit to grow this way. The flowers are delicious too...

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If you are growing them for fruit, 15 degrees is said to begin killing next year's flower buds. The plant does not set visible overwintering buds like many shrubs, but the tiny structures are present.

Temperatures in the single digits will likely set an established plant back a year or two, use mulch to protect the roots.

Otherwise, resort to a pot.

My in-ground plant is in the process of defoliating after a week's freeze in December, low of +14. It should be looking good by next June.

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Thank you for letting me know. It sounds like it needs to go in a pot. I was hoping for an ornamental edible bush of around its dimensions. Any suggestions?

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