need source for Michigan state hardy kiwi

glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.January 2, 2010

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like to add a few new varieties to my kiwi collection.I looked all over and there doesn't seem to be much selection here in Canada.I already have the following varieties:kolomikta krumpnopladnaya,arguta dumbarton oaks,anna, and ken's red.I was wondering if anyone knows of a source who will ship material to Canada? I'm looking for plants, rooted cuttings or just cuttings,I'll take it anyway I can get it!I would really like to get my hands on an arguta MSU but am looking to acquire any others that will survive in zone 5 that can come close to ripening with anywhere from 125 to 140 frost free days.

thanks Glenn

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hi glenn,

I have MSU kiwi and could send you cuttings.
all of my kiwis haven't fruited, so I dont have personal experience. but there are selections which are earlier ripening.
I'll get a kolomikta selection from czech republic which is ripening in the second half of july and has 4,5cm long fruits. the same source lists MSU at october ripening.

please email me if you're interested!

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glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.

Thanks for the reply quinoah, I am very interested and will be sending you a PM. What is this source from the Czech republic you speak of? A kolomikta with 4.5cm fruit is absolutely amazing!I want one!The kolomikta krumpnopladnaya I have is supposed to be one of the larger fruited varieties and the largest ones I get are about 3/4" inch wide and 1" inch long(19mm x 24mm). I was looking at a selection from one green world and they call it "Victor" claiming it's fruits are twice the size of any other arctic beauty variety, and unfortunately for me they do not ship to Canada.I wonder if it is not the same one that you can get through the Czech republic?

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luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)

Glenn, Hartmann Plants in Michigan lists a MSU kiwi in their online catalog.


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Hi Glenn, I'm in Ontario and have the Mafil variety which is from Czech and looks comparable in size to Jumbo and MSU. It hasn't fruited yet (hopefully this coming summer) but would love to trade for your krumpnopladnaya variety?

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glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.

Luke, I've checked out Hartmann's web site and the on-line cataloge and the variety they have listed is Anna.I will call them to confirm.

Tyler,I did a google search on mafil and it appears to be an arguta?I only have meader male variety to pollinate all my argutas as well as the Ken's red.What are you using for a pollinator?
As for doing a "stick" trade, I'm all for it. The only catch is it's like a box of chocolates:)I can guarantee you will get female cuttings but there may be some male ones in the mix(unknown kolomikta male)as the vines were planted right beside one another and they have grafted themselves together.They are easy to tell apart once they grow a few leaves,the females have more round heart shaped leaves while male has narrower leaves almost like an arguta which will eventually become variegated pink and white as the plant gets a few years old.


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Glenn the male arguta I have that bloomed last year is of unknown origin. The nursery I bought it from didn't know what variety it was. I also have Meader which hopefully will bloom this year too. I think Meader would be fine from what I've read of its blooming date. Yes Mafil is an arguta btw.

Can you send me an email? (my profile has a link to email me).

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glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.

Luke,I called Hartmann nursery today and they do have MSU kiwi (limited numbers so they don't include it in their catalog)and they will ship to Canada.Thank you so much for posting.
This forum is such a good resource, I googled for months last year trying to find sources and nothing. A few days on this forum and I have an answer! Awesome!


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luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)

Glenn, Glad that it worked out for you. Go to their web and click on wholesale catalog. They have their Kiwi listed there.


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Hello fellow growers and enthusiasts! I live in upstate NY, near the Canadian border. I ordered MSU kiwi and the male Meader kiwi to experiment in my area. Winters are variable here, sometimes going down to -30 and other times only -20. I'm hoping to hear from other growers who are trying to grow actinidia arguta in marginal areas. I'm particularly interested in how to establish the plants and get them through the first few years without freeze damage. If you're out there, thanks in advance for your feedback. All the best...

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