Bonide All Purpose Orchard Spray

RadioMichaelFebruary 5, 2013

I've been researching the different sprays and schedules and came across the bonide all purpose orchard spray. Does this really cover everything? It would certainly make it easier to cover my 8 dwarf trees.


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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

So many posting now a days, do not indicate where they are from. Usually that makes many answers,either wrong, or just not appropriate. Al

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RadioMichael, my orchard is now five years old and I've learned so much from this forum. A simple answer is no, it will not work. I too tried that spray my first year and lost two trees to borers. Are you against spraying? Organic? Many here in this forum will explain that you need a number of sprays for fungus, borers, oriental fruit moth, plum curculio and other things just traveling through the air. The combo I have learned to use and it works, is Triazicide, Immunox and Captan. My fungicides are Monterey Fungi Fighter; and I use copper for peach leaf curl, and dormant oil. Take the bottle of all-purpose orchard spray back to the nursery center. I am sure based on where you live many others from this forum will chime in with far better advice. Mrs. G

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Many Home Orchard Spray concentrates use Malathion and Sevin as the insecticides. While they work, they do not provide the same degree of control that Assail, Imidan or other insecticides do.

A big peeve of mine is that they contail Sevin(carbaryl).
Carbaryl should not be used at petal fall spray on apples as it acts as a fruit thinner on newly formed apples. Some
Orchard pre-mixes have a warning not to use at petal fall
stage on apples but many I see do not even contain this warning.

Spraying apples at petal fall stage is a key time to control plum curculio in apple, yet with a Home Orchard pre-mix you cannot.

I agree it is best to return the mix you bought and buy your inscticides/fungicides separaately. Then you can choose which ones you want to spray and when.

Personally I use Captan and Imidan which are tank compatible (they can be mixed together in the same spray mix).

Another issue on these pre-mixes (insecticide + fungicide) is that in the case of apples, the first 1-2 sprays (green tip stage, pre-bloom) are mainly for apple scab control so no insecticide is needed at this time. With a pre-mix, you have no choice as the insecticide is already in the mix.

All my info is for apples, but if growing peaches, cherries
ect then you may want to use different insecticides for different crops/insects. One insecticide or pre-mix usually won't work for all fruit crops.

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Bonide Orchard Spray label says Pyrethrins and sulfur. Now this Orchard Spray is low toxic since Pyrethrins are flower extracts and sulfur is just unpleasant. I think this new 'Orchard Spray' is a new less toxic Bonide Fruit Tree Spray. FTS label has Sevin Malathion and Captan. FTS works just OK, 'Fruit Tree Spray' does not knock down PC or heavy OFM or brown rot that well. New Orchard Spray will be even less effective but will appeal to 'organic' users(or abusers). My plan; If the PC get past my chickens (10 hungry Hens) then I use the Imidan.

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