Nurseries for Fruit trees in Dallas/Fort Worth

nandakumar(7)February 7, 2013

Hi All,

I'm planning to plant few fruit trees in my new home. It would be of great help if the forum members could suggest the best nursery for buying fruit trees so that I can plant them in dormant state before the end of February 2013

I have already visited the following nurseries,

1. Northaven Gardens, Dallas
2. Strong's Nursery, Carrollton
3. Calloways - Lewisville & Southlake
4. Home Depot - Various locations
5. Lowes - Various locations

I'm interested in the following fruit trees,
1. Asian Pears
2. Cherry's
3. Plum
4. Peach

I wish to support local small business but the fruit tree prices in big box stores, Home Depot and Lowes seems to be cheaper than the rest of the nurseries and also they seem to give good warranty.

Please share your experiences on

- Pros and Cons of buying fruit trees from local nurseries to big box stores
- Quality of fruit trees

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I prefer mail ordering from womacks in Deleon tx; their trees are always on the right rootstock for Dallas. But if you want to Buy from a local nursery, visit doans in Irving, they have an amazing selection

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@bhawkins, thanks for the details, I'll visit Doans today and check out their trees.

I just went thru a posting on the cocktail trees that can produce multiple varieties of fruits. Could you please share the nursery that sells those trees

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I just got back from Doan,s nursery in Irving, TX. It looks small in the front but they have tons of plants at the back and they do have two large green houses for tropical plants that I didn't find in any nurseries in DFW area.

They had all the trees that I was looking for except Cherry and they do have many cocktail trees for Apples, Pear, Peach etc. It took a while for me find some one to help on finding plants and trees and many of them did not have proper labels and pricing, besides they don't give any warranty for the trees. I did not buy any trees or plants because I did not go with a truck. It is worth to visit this nursery if you live in the DFW area.

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I forgot to mention this in my prior posting. I noticed many Doan's nursery fruit trees are from California growers, so not sure how they would grow in DFW area.

I would appreciate, if anyone could share their experience with Doan's nursery for fruit trees. Thanks

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I think most plants these days come from California. Many local nurseries take a Dave Wilson plant, stick it in a pot, take the label off, & stick their own label on. At least at Doans you know where the plants from, & what rootstock its on. Ive had good luck with persimmons, figs, pomegranates, & jujubes bought there; I havent bought pears or apples there, I didnt see the variety I wanted on the rootstock I wanted. Fwiw, I think the Doans grow themselves most of what they what sell, & its worked for them.

Btw, Cherries have a hard time here, I think thats why Doans doesnt sell them.

Some reading that you might be interested in.: DOT html

womacknursery DOT com DOT pdf

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bhawkins, thanks again for the response.

It will of great help if you could let me know the rootstock that I should look for for pear, plum and peach trees for North Texas/DFW.

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For pear, ask for Calleryana if your soil is acidic; I use betafolia as my soil is very alkaline. A lot of us tried OHF333 in the past years, I don't know anyone who's happy with it here in N texas.

Rootstock seems less important for the peaches & plums--& I should say i don't have much experience here. Peaches & Plums seem to grow like weeds. I like Halford rootstock for my peaches, its supposedly better for my alkaline soil

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You may want to contact the owner of this website (Dallas Fruit Grower). Most of his trees are DWN / LE Cooke, but he does grow cherries. You'll have a good idea as to what works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dallas Fruit Grower Blog

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Thanks AJBB,

I did email Dallas Fruit Grower before coming to this forum on Feb 1st but he hasn't responded yet.

Yes, his blog has lot of useful information and he has planted tons of trees and seems to have a huge vegetable garden. I don't have that much space to plant so many of trees.

Many suggested that I should plant fruit trees before the end of Feb. Hope he responds soon

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I live in Coppell (Dental Tap/Sandy Lake intersection), I haven't tested the soil, so not sure whether it is acidic/alkaline but the soil is completely clay if I go 6-7 inch deep.

Next time I visit the nurseries I'll ask the folks about the root stock you had mentioned.


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