When does fig leaf out in San Diego

sandiego4sFebruary 8, 2014


I bought a VDK fig from Walter Anderson nursery a month ago. The two feet small tree still had two leaves then. I planted it in a 20 gal fabric pot filled with potting mix from Home Depot. The tree doesn't have any sign of leafing out except that it dropped the two leaves a few days ago. It's my first fig tree, when will it leaf out? Should I worry about the potting mix?


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Any fruit in a pot needs a mix that drains well. If it stays too wet roots won't grow in the wet portion. Planting a small tree in that big of a pot will, for many folks, lead to over watering. It won't need water again until it leafs out, then not much until it grows a lot.

Figs generally leaf out late. As long as the bark is green when scratched, the tree is still alive. It will probably leaf out in the next month or two.

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Thanks Fruitnut.
The pot is a fabric pot directly on the ground, so it's more like a small raised bed.
It's good to know that figs leaf out late. Seems I need more patience.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Great setup. Should work well.

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