Super Sweet: Diamond Princess & White Princess

nguyena1(8b)February 19, 2011

Has anyone tried either of these peaches? Local lowes has them. Not much info on either of these or reviews when I google "Diamond Princess" Super Sweet. Gardenweb has no mentions of "Diamond Princess". Marketing people did a good job on their tag on the tree at lowes and it's calling out to me.

I got an Elberta and a June Gold about a month ago.

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Never heard of these peaches, but Google had some results:

Diamond Princess Patent
Supersweet Nectarine Review

I would probably not buy either of these trees, based on the general lack of rave reviews.

Hope that helps!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Don't sucker based on the marketing crap. I tried to look up the patents on those fruits. They aren't that new and the one I found, 7066 I think, didn't give a brix. I'm not buying any stone fruit any more that doesn't give a brix. At 16 I might bite if it looks really good or someone else says it's good. A brix of 19 is where I think most stone fruit starts to really shine. If you can find 22-24 with good flavor you'll start to understand why I think stone fruit is the best.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Thanks for the review posted above. Looking at the picture I can tell you why that fruit is not sweet. It's over watered and probably over fertilized. My nectarines have looked that way a few times when over watered. My biggest and best looking fruit I've ever grown. Just like the reviewer, I didn't eat them. Ever since I've been on the quest for the perfectly watered nectarine. Instead of 12-16 brix I've sometimes hit 22-24 and even once 35 brix. The best fruit I've ever eaten were the 20 something nectarines.

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The plant tags were so convincing to those peach trees! hahaha.

Fruitnut, what's your top 2 best tasting peach varieties? I've heard good things about o'henry but haven't been able to find a nursery in my area that has it. I went with the standard Elberta and picked June Gold so that I'll have peaches before all the pluots and elberta peach ripen.

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fruitnut I was disappointed that your page didn't list your best fruits. You really whet our appitites with some of your discriptions.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I've tried several times to update my home page. But the changes are rejected. I'll try again but this time test to see if it's accepting anything new before I spend a half hour typing in vain. Thanks for your interest.

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Got it for $10 at Lowes. Think I'll take it back as it's not looking so good. Has holes in the leaves and looks to be in shock by our hot weather.

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I grow the White Princess and Sugar princess Peaches they are very good trees and worth the money. Stay after the insect spray and in 3 years enjoy the fruit!!

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