Goji Berry plant doesn't fruit

honugirlhawaiiFebruary 5, 2014

I have a goji berry plant that I planted in the ground two years ago.
It flowers sparsely but has not produced berries.
It is planted in full sun and has long branches. What can I do to get this plant to fruit?
Thanks in advance.

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What zone are you in? The goji is good in zones 5-9. I have two that I planted a year ago and they made blossoms the first year. Ensure that you have adequate fertilizer and water. Maybe it is just putting its energy into developing roots.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

It might not be getting the chill hours in Hawii!

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if not a special cultivar and are just a random seedling, you will probably need more than one for cross pollination. Seedlings have barely done anything for me, while crimson star started flowering and fruiting first year.

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While you get the fruiting sorted out, the leaves are a perfectly edible and apparently make a nice salad or soup.

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Thanks to all for the information.
It didn't occur to me that it may just be too warm for Gogi. I received this plant as a cutting off of a plant from a friend's friend so I don't know if the mother plant produced berries. If it does need cross pollination to fruit, how do I do that?

Nice to know that if all fails, at least I can use the leaves for salad and soup!

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

We have cool winters where I bought my pieces root was cold climate, but planted roots first June August 1st had fruit on small plant 3 more cycles of fruit same summer I think problem way got your plant you need order a root pieces so plant fruit. These plants are hedge renews all time leaves come out then fruit then leaves fall off and renew leaves fruit again. many times per summer. chill needs got to be are none at all.
So what came out ground did not get any chill at my planting most like hotter than your climate.
When order root piece they come in plastic bag in side bag the root have as much 2" of new growth they will amaze you how fast grow.

I have single planting could be 100's miles to next plant, well now there a fe new plants popping out ground I think needing cross out question.

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