Double grafting for apple belgian fence

goooooneFebruary 24, 2013

Hi everyone

I'm planning on putting in an apple Belgian fence next dormant season and want to make each leader a separate variety creating a multi grafted tree. At this stage I think I'll buy root stock and the scions and graft them myself. What I am worried about is fitting 2 scions onto a 1 year old rootstock. Is it possible to chip bud using dormant scion wood? Or should I slice the inside of each scion down so that they both fit on a cleft graft.

Any idea other ideas anyone has would be welcome


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As far as I know all budding should be done in summer when the trees are in active growth. I think you may be better off pinching the top of the whip (im assuming its a whip with no branches).

Ive thought about this as well and I thought about pruning to an open center with 3 or 4 scaffold because it makes it easy to get those scaffolds as different varieties in a ew years with cleft grafting. Not saying you couldnt do it with a central leader/MCL just that in my veiw it makes it easier to differentiate between the grafted branches. It would (assuming) make larger branches of thse varieties in which you want to graft (open center) where as an open center, you would have to either graft the entire top with one scion, wait till it branches, then graft the wanted vaieties on the whorl.

I just woke up so im sorry if it is a bit confusing lol

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