Peach Tree Pests Need Help

beachgurlFebruary 16, 2012

Hey everyone. Hoping somebody with more peach tree experience than me (which is virtually zero) can ofer some help. I have 2 Elberta peach trees in my backyard. They were planted last year and grew rather vigorously. Today I went out to put some fertilizer spikes and prune and found a branch on only one of the trees that had small white insect eggs on it. I pruned it off and burned it. I went ahead and sprayed both trees with a pemritherin (sp?) based spray. Does anyone know what these little pests are? Little nervous because I have 4 plum trees coming from Stark tomorrow and want to protect those little babies.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Need pictures to guess what those things are. any chance of that?

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You probably have all kinds of insects in your yard/trees. have to know a little more info than just white eggs. most likely it was not a "pest" and you may have gone a little over board with the burn and spray. I would try going to your county extension office web site. They will probably have pictures of the pest bugs for you area. or call them and they can tell you. Then find some pictures so you can identify what bugs/eggs. Know what you are looking for or you could prune your tree to nothing trying to get rid of bugs that will not harm your trees.

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