WANTED: rooted kiwi cuttings!!

NYC_FruitKing(New Rochelle, NY, Zone 6)February 1, 2014

Hi, I've been looking into growing kiwifruit in my climate (in a container, recently moved to an apartment) and I'm looking for certain A. Chinensis cultivars I can't seem to find anywhere. The varieties I'm looking for are:

Red-fleshed: Hongyang ('Red Sun'), Chuhong ('Panda Forest Red Kiwi') Kosen

Golden-fleshed: First Emperor, Koshin, Golden King, Kobayashi39, Pure Country, Tear Drop, Sanuki Gold

(Most of these varieties I found off of http://www1.ttv.ne.jp/~kiwi/E_actinidin.htm)

Anyone have a clue as to the performance (and especially the taste!!) of these obscure varieties? And before anyone mentions if Hort16a (Golden Kiwi) or Jingold/Soreli cuttings/seedlings are available, aren't there plenty more known varieties that are tastier/not patented? I've yet to speak to someone knowledgeable on the topic. I'm also trying to identify this one variety I had that was even tastier than your normal golden kiwi, it was probably exported from Italy, it was smooth-skinned like a chinensis kiwi but was greenish-yellow on the inside, much more flavorful than the Jingolds were! Anyone have any clue which variety that could be? And is it wise to grow kiwis in a container provided I'd pot it up/trim roots when needed and grow them properly against a support? I'm a total newbie to kiwis, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm also going to be growing two A. Argutas (Meyer's Cordifolia & Ken's Red) in containers and might prune accordingly to whatever sturdy trellis I find. No male pollenizers in mind as of yet. And does anyone happen to have any experience with Rossana & Red Princess hardy kiwis? They're advertised on rollingrivernursery's page but I've never heard of them until now. Again, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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None of my kiwi's did well in containers, even large containers. They grow fine but never bloomed until planted in the ground and even then it took a couple of years. I think the root mass has to reach a certain size in order for them to mature and fruit - hard to do in a container.

I don't know about your climate but down here in North Carolina I advise anyone wanting to grow kiwis to never step near the vines without pruners in your hand. They need constant pruning or else they will take over the world.

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