Pacific Rose Apple

bucky130February 17, 2009

I just ate my first Pacific Rose apple. It was excellent and it came from walmart so im guessing its much better fresh. Cant find any information on it. Anyone have any websites with info? Maybe a source?

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Pacific Rose is a New Zealand apple and a few are grown in Washington, but it is a private variety and you have to pay big bucks for the right to grow and sell it. I would think at this time of the year that the Pacifics are coming from Washington. I have eaten a lot of them from new Zealand and Washington, and while I think it a fine apple, I didn't think it exceptional.
It is a Splendour/Gala cross which are two of the apples used in the Washington State apple breeding program.

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Axel(12b/Sunset H2)

I bought some pacific rose apples, even organic grown at a local store. I was unimpressed. It has a perfumy flavor making me think it would be delicious fresh off the tree, but a good gala beats it hands down coming out of storage.

Can one grow these as a backyard tree without having to pay big money?

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alan haigh

Yeah, steal some scion wood.

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I like your style.

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I love the Pacific Rose Apple = I was shocked that WALMart would carry an item in their grocery of that quality.
Check out Brisky Canyon Fruit Company for case prices.

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Last January I ate my first Pacific Rose apple from the food bank and boy I was so shock how wonderful it tasted. I knew this is my apple I wanted, but find very little information on them. So I decided to see if I could grow it. On Good Friday I planted Pacific Rose with the apple core because one of the seed was attached and growing in it, so I planted the whole thing. Guess what it is growing and I get very execited every time I see it. I also planted Pink Lady and Crisp Pink ( I found they are the same brand just carries two diffrent names) and they are also growing up so now I have 6 trees that are growing up. It is up to God on these plants to be able to grow in Arizona. I will see if I get anything out of it in couple of years.

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organic_greenjeans(Z 5/6 Eastern Washington)

Just tried Pacific Rose apple for the first time this winter & it's now our favorite for eating out of hand! It's by far the sweetest apple I've ever tasted.

To Susan, you'll end up with one or other parent fruits by planting seed from a hybrid. In the case of Pacific Rose, the result would be either Gala or Splendour.

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