Pear growth

macmanmatty2(8b)February 5, 2013

Last year 5 of my european pears grew really really well but it was not growth I wanted. Last year my 4 year old pears sent out shoot from just above the graft (scion growth) that was over 1 inch in diameter and over 7 ft high. The first one they made after about 2 ft I pruned it off. But they made anther one so I just let it be to see what it would do and it got over 7ft high and almost as large as the main trunk. Why would my pears do this? Is there too much nitrogen in the soil? too much water? (we had about 20 inches of rain each month of may june july and august about 80 inches total) Am I over fertilizing? I give them some 15-5-10 in spring and summer to encourage growth based on trunk diameter and years in the ground. I would like to know why my pears did this and how to avoid them doing it next year.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Pears just do that and with 80 inches rain they'll be in over drive. I won't fertilize at all in that situation. You can try to train some of those out wider but that's not easy either and may give a much broader tree than you want.

My Euro pears took 7-8 years to bear. But they are only about 12 ft tall and have slowed down. I think I could shorten them now via summer pruning without severe regrowth.

There are advanced pruning techniques for pear that are beyond my grasp. Maybe harvestman will offer something more.

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alan haigh

Just steer the growth with pinch pruning throughout the growing season, removing those shoots before they start shading the spurs. Summer pruning calms excessive vigor.

I never get that kind of growth here in southeastern NY but pears certainly can put on a lot of rank growth. Cutting back to 2-year wood also reduces vigor.

Is the basic framework of the trees already set? Are they the size you want them?

Rank upward growth can be used to extend existing branches by using the branch as a splint and taping (electric tape) interior water sprouts to near horizontal position where they reach out beyond the branch it is taped to.

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