Another close call

bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)February 1, 2013

32 here this morning..... Was just hoping the temps would stay out of the 20's. Blueberries are in full bloom with more flowers and fruit than ever before. Adding the acid to the water has made a huge difference. Peaches are all blooming..raspberries have half grown fruit, Citrus are blooming so would be a bad time for a freeze. Last year got nailed mid February so still some time left to worry but next 10 days after tonight lows are back in the 40-50's.

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Our blueberry shrubs will withstand a light frost, when they are blooming, down to maybe 28 degrees F. But, of course, the varieties we grow here in Madison are adapted to the climate of Wisconsin, and a light freeze overnight in April is pretty typical.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

The ones here will take 28 also but 32 is getting too close for my liking.

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Good luck Bamboo, its that time of year. Mrs. G

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

MrsG at least I get to go first with the sweating....once I am in the clear I can sit back and watch everyone else sweat...I like the latter better:)

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Axel(12b/Sunset H2)

Looks like the cold weather finally made it to the East Coast. We got to deal with the first wave of this nasty cold snap back in the first couple of weeks in January. We bottomed out at 30F, citrus and loquat blooms were not bothered. Even the papayas in our upper garden didn't get fried (32F up there.) Our Anna apple was already blooming, it wasn't bothered by the cold. Tropic beauty peach was getting ready to bloom, no problems with it either.

What got fried: papaya and banana leaves in lower garden, ice cream bean tops are little nipped, cherimoya tops nipped as well. Andean coconuts are fine. Macademias are fine too.

Freezes suck, especially the later ones because even temperate fruits are further along by then. All our stone fruits are starting to bloom here.

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