experiences with Gold cherry

windfall_rob(vt4)February 10, 2013

We are making room for a sweet cherry this year. Another of several "long shots" we are attempting for our location.

Had been looking most seriously at Blackgold and Whitegold. But have also kept bumping into positive reference to Gold in terms of cold hardiness and late blooming. While self-incompatible there are claims that it will be pollinated by sours (which we have) since it blooms so late.

Many notes on slight advantage for birds without the blush, but also many notes about small size and mild flavor. I gather it was developed as a processing cherry for maraschinos.

anyone here growing it and care to expand or comment?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Have you considered the hardier Kristin cherry?

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We are also in VT (Champlain Valley) and have several types of sweet Cherries. Kristin is the hardest Red we have, followed by White gold then black gold. We have Hudson and the Ebony series which are less hardy bud wise. We also have a couple of "Starks Gold" cherries which are hardier than Kristin. While they are good, (Sweet and juicy) they do not have the "Cherry" flavor the reds have. We sort of consider them a fruit type of thier own, and they are very productive.

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Thanks guys,

I had considered Kristin but thought I had read that it was relatively crack prone compared to the others mentioned here. I will look into it some more.

Plumhill, It is interesting to see you placing whitegold ahead of blackgold on the hardiness spectrum. I usually see it the other way around. How far ahead of Blackgold do you see whitegold blooming?
I will have to keep an eye out at Jubilee farms for your gold cherries and give them a try. Last spring you gave me some scion from it when I was getting all that plum wood. The gold didn't take (almost all the plums did, thanks again).
Are you guys growing any tart cherries? I am wondering if it is true that the gold blooms late enough fro them to act as pollinators if one has no other sweets

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