simple blueberry propagation questions

cousinfloydFebruary 6, 2013

I successfully (but not with a high percentage) rooted some rabbiteye blueberry cuttings last year by simply sticking cuttings that I took right at bud break into pots, covering them with a transparent plastic bag, and keeping them where they only got indirect sunlight for about a month (and I can't remember exactly but I might have skinned the bottom ends somehow.) I'm wondering if there are ways I can improve my percentage success rate without spending any money. I probably have all the bushes I want already anyways; I mainly just want to practice.

I read another thread here that raised one particular question. Someone mentioned taking cuttings well ahead of bud break and keeping them in the fridge for a while to callous (or something like that). I didn't really understand that. Can anyone explain that a little?

I also tried taking cuttings in mid- to late summer from fresh growth that was starting to turn just slightly woody, but I didn't get any of those to root. It seems like winter/early spring cuttings are my better bet.

Would propagating southern or northern highbush be any different?

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Ive propigated both Rabbiteye and Southern High Bush doing what you did with hardwood cuttings. Some varieties root much better than others with hardwood cuttings. I took cuttings from both in Jan and put them in plastic bags in the fridge and stuck them in some sand, perilite and peat moss in March. Covered them with plastic bags and hoped for the best. I lost a bunch to fungus of some kind but started with enough that a few made it. I believe to get lots of cuttings to root you need to have a misting system in place with a timer. There is a guy in Japan on youtube who has some great videos on propigating blueberries. Look up Fukuberry on you tube. He has alot of videos and only some of them show how he cuts the branches and roots them but he does have a green house with misters. He uses strait peat moss also.

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