Choose OHF97 vs. P. betulaefolia?

Noogy(6 sw mi)February 2, 2013

From what understand some are having problems in the NE with lack of vigor when using Pbet. I want to avoid this. I've read that they requiring higher pH.
I'm in sandy loam and have been fall dressing them with Gypsum and kelp. I have them on Drip emmiters in the summer and while they put on minimum growth during establishment, I expect them to show some vigor soon. I have yoinashi/Oly/ and hosui. I also hit them this fall with a little urea 18" from trunk and mulched. I plan on a light urea one more time at bud break. They are in full sun.
Am I on the right track?

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alan haigh

The book is that Bet is more cold tender than the OHXF strains. Never seems to mind the cold here in Z6, however. Years ago a man at Fowler Nursery claimed they had a particularly cold hardy strain of Bet.

Straight seedling rootstocks are also available and I use them a lot and have not had problems, such as fireblight. Resistance to this is supposed to be the key benefit of OHXF. I do find establishment can to be very slow sometimes with this rootstock but once 97 plugs in it is quite vigorous.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Thanks Hman. The Fowler's 'Reimer' strain is what I have coming and it's supposed to be good to -15.
I have a bartlett and an Ayers on seedling rootstock and are both doing very well especially after staking them. I also have OHF513 coming which is supposed to be like OHF84 in that it is smaller and more precocious. Let me know if you need anything.

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alan haigh

Should I want Ayers? Don't know it.

If you get a test winter and have time you can always protect Bet by piling dirt or something else well above the graft union. I used to just pile up the dirt in the fall but stopped doing it as winters stopped getting much below 0 here.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

I've been piling up the snow so far but will definitely keep an eye on the lows.
Ayer's is grouped w/Aurora, on NCGR's curators list. It's sisters include Tennessee and Dabney. If you like seckel you'll like these. Whereas my Bartlett's seen 1 FBstrike, this tree hasn't. It's really pretty also. Still at @ 32 gordon?

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alan haigh

Yup, can't go anywhere it's where most of my nursery and all my orchard is.

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