Any hope for une plums in Dallas?

bhawkins(8A Dallas)February 26, 2012

My Korean wife wanted me to give these a try. I read an ume plum is actually an apricot. This will be the 3rd leaf for one, and the second leaf for two. They're growing well, all seem like happy trees.

They bloom the last week of January; our last hard frost is usually about mar 20. Looks like no fruit this year.

Should I give up on these? Or give them another year?


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Anything that blooms in January in Dallas is marginal at best. They are basically an ornamental for areas like Southern California.

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January is much earlier than they flower in the mild maritime climate of central Japan (Osaka area). There the height of the ume bloom is February/March, followed by the famous cherry trees in April. These are some of the more spectacular sights in Japan. The darker ume blossoms are particularly beautiful in my opinion.

I would not give up yet, especially if apricots do ok in your area...

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Apricots are marginal in dfw, at least so far as getting any fruit. Alas.

How are the ume plums doing this year? Where did you get them? Are any particular varieties grown for flowers rather than for ume plums? Does your wife have any preferred varieties for growing ume plums? I've been searching the internet to see if an ume plum would grow in a large pot in dfw! At least that way it could be hauled inside when there is a late freeze! The soil in my part of dfw is poorly draining alkaline clay, too.

There seems to be at least one person who is growing ume plum bonsai in central Texas, but that isn't the same as growing trees for fruit in dfw.

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

My Shiro Kaga, a single flower white ume, has a couple dozen fruit for the first time; its in its 4'th leaf. I'm told the Shiro Kaga is the best ume to get fruit with. I also have a pink flower ume, 15 ft away, its 4'th leaf; but no fruit yet. I got these from Bay Laurel.

Whether it just takes 4 years to get fruit; or if I'm going to get fruit every 4'th year, remains to be seen!

Also, whether its self pollinating or not; I don't know; & can't find a definitve answer.

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