Chocolate Vine, Akebia Quinata worth growing?

glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.February 6, 2013

Just wondering if anyone has any experience growing this plant. I looked online and does not really give mcuch for climate other than zones 4-8.Is it worth growing as an addtional exotic fruit and what kind of growing season (I'm usually frost free mid may to october) are you growing it in?

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Hi Glenn

I've been attempting to get fruit for at least 7 years now. The first vine I put in is lovely with foliage that lasts year round. Flowers are all purple. It's mate died, so I bought a second variety labeled as self fertile. Still dark purple flowers but 2 very diff sizes and configurations so I believed one kind would be male, the other female. I even attempted manual fertilization with a paint brush, no results. I finally read here that the variety Silver Bells is the best pollinator and worked for another gardener her at GW. That's the variety that died years ago. Now I'm looking for that variety again. Gotta find it cheap as hubby just retired and my gardening budget is minimal now. Anyway I've read the fruit to be rather gelatinous but nicely flavored. Probably like the passionfruit I have here. Anyone sensitive to textures in food would not enjoy it at all (like my hubby who won't eat lots of foods as texture objectionable).

Not a lot of help, but wanted to save you years of frustration waiting for a single vine to mature enough to grow fruit.

Pam in cinti

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glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.

thanks for the reply Pam, I think I might pass on this one...I'm all about eating stuff fresh and my kids probably won't care for it either, and not to mention the long wait till fruition.

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