Seedless Bunch Grapes

poolecw(Georgia 7b)February 2, 2014

OK guys, I have three spots on one of my trellis's and I would like to plant some seedless varieties. I would like some feedback on the varieties below. My main concern besides taste is that I want to make sure I don't plant a variety with a thick skin. And I don't want to plant something that is commonly found in grocery stores. I'm in NW Georgia and have already planted several concords and muscadine varieties.

What say the hive about these varieties?

Red Flame
Blueberry Grape

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Jupiter has a uneatable skin IMO. Don't understand it's rave reviews.

Flame and Thompson are too disease prone.

Personally I'd try three of the four new grapes out of Univ of Arkansas, Hope, Joy, Graditude and ???.

I've tried most of what you list and none are that great besides those prone to disease.

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I have mars. I would say skin thickness is about average, its not super thin but ive had thicker. I got my first significant harvest of a few clusters last summer in the vine's third year (had some the 2nd year but something else got to them before me) they taste similar to seedless concord you see in grocery stores, like concord maybe just a little less intensely flavored. a lot of sources say they ripen in early august but I thought they were kind of on the sour side until early September then I liked them. its been a pretty fast/vigorous grower for me I bet the vine grew in length 6-10 feet last year maybe more, I had to trim it mid summer to keep in contained

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

My Mars fruited for the first time this past summer. Similar to Mdo, mine were ripe around the end of Aug or the start of Sept. I was especially happy with their disease resistance. Some old vines, possibly Concord, were here when we bought the house. Each year, they get horrible black rot. Sometimes, if I get the timing right, bagging protects a few bunches. With Mars, even the un-bagged ones were fine.

This year, I'm adding:
Faith (the 4th UoA which Fruitnut was missing)
Jupiter (I don't mind the skin on muscadine, so I'll give this a try)
Somerset (the strawberry flavor sounds interesting)

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I always figure to start in the state of inquiry first. Anything else is experimental...though with grapes fairly low cost quick results experimental.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Garden Bunch Grapes (GA)

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I've tried about half that initial list in 7/8 SC and all died of Pierce's Disease. All the others would be expected to die of it too. You are at the risky edge of the distribution of the leafhopper that carries it.

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