Pinching The Flower Buds Off Of Blueberry Plants

KerenR(7)February 2, 2013

I planted two 5-7 year old blueberry plants this winter (I learned afterwards that I should have planted younger plants). We have since decided to move in the next couple of years, maybe even next year. Do I really need to pinch the flower buds off of my plants this first spring? I'd like my kids to get something off of these plants before we leave, but I don't necessarily want to handicap them in case we do stay for a few years. The soil was prepared nicely before planting. I also put Mycorrhizal Fungi in the soil as well.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Given the situation I would not pinch them at all unless they produce too many flowers as that would just hurt the quality of the fruit you get. Figure on good stems 6 fruit buds.

There is nothing wrong with planting older bushes. A few years ago I picked up some 7 year old blueberry bushes from a commercial grower who was switching to earlier ripening varieties. The plants were growing in 30 gallon pots and were only $10 each, he had 1000's to could I say no? They were so big I used my tractor bucket to lift them and remove the pots then in the ground they went. I still have them and they are still producing beautifully.

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