Avocado plant question

spitz7575February 21, 2013

A coworker and I decided to plant two avocado pits as an experiment to see how they would go. We first did the whole toothpick in the pit, suspended in a glass of water thing. This worked pretty well, and after a few months we moved to soil. Here we are about 8 months since we started this project and we have two plants, roughly 12" each. Recently, we moved to a new office space with great sunlight, however the soil is drying out much more quickly and the plants are looking a bit sickly.

Can anyone tell from the yellowing/brown marks on the leaves what the issue might be/what nutrients we should add? Could this be an issue where the plants are getting too big for the pots? Any general tips? Thanks!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Avocados need a lot of water and well drained soil. They might be root-bound too!

The main complaint of the avocado orchard growers around here is their water bill!

You can get a moisture meter and test the soil to see if it's too dry. Good luck!

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Thank you! I'm up in the Northeast, so this guy will live its life inside. I'll try moving to a larger pot and upping the water. In terms of soil and nutrients, any recommendations?

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do not worry too much about the rough looking leaf in the picture. It could be nothing. Avos drop their leaves...and can look rough for a couple of months before leaf-out. As stated above....avos are sensitive to moisture/draining. Get an inexpensive moisture meter (8-10 dollars) and feed it occasionally.

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