Best dwf rootstalk for europlums?

pinc06(6b)February 16, 2013

Hi all

you guys are such an inspiration that I've decided to order mostly dwarfing and some SD rootstalks to make more trees from those I already own. I do know that some trees (and rootstalks!) are patented so legally cannot be propagated. Anyway I'm looking to do up some pie cherries, both Euro and Japanese plums, couple apples and mostly my Asian Pears. I've found info on the best for most of these trees but can't quite find info for the Europlums best rootstalk. I'd love any experience reports on specific europlums on specific rootstalks and or links to good info pages.. So far I've looked at and Raintree for the rootstalk info.

thanks to my enabling friends

Pam in cinti

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alan haigh

If you can find it, Citation works well in speeding up fruiting and making a nice semi-dwarf tree.

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Thanks Hman

That's one I haven't been able to find, but will keep my eyes open. I was planning on trying some Krysmk 1, but I recall one of you experienced orchard guys had bacterial knot occur on it. Or was is black knot? Anyway, anyone know where Citation is available?


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Noogy(6 sw mi)

I'm using Krymsk1. and they were budded last August. They will be babied this year. I also budded apricot and some satsuma.
They should stay 5-6', if I'm not mistaken. Maybe a little bigger.
I've noticed on a couple some splitting of the bark lengthwise.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

If you are searching the web for info search on rootstOCKs rather than stALKs. In my accent the two sound quite different but I can see (hear?) how they might sound the same in US English.

Can you get Pixy in the US, that's our dwarfest plum stock, I believe. Next is St Julien A.

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Noogy, I'll keep an eye out for updates on those trees. Satsuma is on my wish list, but I'll have to settle for a scion someday. Great info.

Flora I knew something seemed wrong when I typed stalk but couldn't put my finger on the problem. Where I am they do indeed sound similar but agree it will make a world of diff when I search. Never heard of Pixy before but will add that plus St Julien A into my notes.

thanks everyone for the input. There is no beating actual experience.

Pam in cinti

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