I thought I had it under control, but...

peachymomo(Ca 8)February 26, 2013

This year I thought I was done buying new trees and vines, I decided that I have enough on my plate and I don't need any more.

But now the discussion on red-fleshed apples has me trolling the online nurseries again, and they have new selections available that they didn't have when I first started planting my home orchard. I want them! Argh! I don't know where to plant them, but I want them anyway!

How do you control the need to expand? Or do you just find a place to squeeze in a few more?

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Well, I'm no help. I thought I was done, also. But, now I'm looking at cold hardy citrus...

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I don't know either. I don't have a big piece of land and much of it is woodsy. I hate hate hate trimming back woodsy areas-- I practically worship forests--- but I am thinking of doing it so I can get a couple orange trees out of pots and into the ground.

RobThomas: I live in a colder part of Florida-- too cold for commercial citrus-- and I have Satsumas, calamondins, a Duncan Grapefruit, and Hamlin Orange.
Zone 7 might be too cold for the Duncan and the Hamlin, but you could probably grow Satsumas, calamondins, and Meyer lemons.
Satsumas are a particularly awesome cold-hardy citrus that require virtually no care and produce a lot of sweet fruit.

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alh, thanks for the info. I've been looking at Mckenzie farms for "cold hardy" citrus. I'd like to get two plants, a Satsuma variety being one, and maybe Changsha as the other. I'd like to get something that will survive here and have decent taste. I'll talk to Mr. Mckenzie before making any final decisions.

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