Big fruit tree

briergardener_gwFebruary 13, 2013

Does it make sense to search for a big plum tree to buy?
I want to plant plum tree in space where was old pear tree, but don't want to have there tiny tree because i want some shade to the area.

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Of course it sense:) Shade trees hold that wonderful sentimental value you know? I don't know any varieties of plum that grow large,but wouldn't any tree grow large except for dwarf varieties?

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The area where old tree was growing is very sunny and it provided some shade for a bench standing to the east from the tree. I want to buy dwarf variety, but not one or two years "baby" that will not give any shade. When I was saying "big", I meant 3-6 years old tree.

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Hmm... I would check local nurseries during the growing season. My local nurseries don't carry trees that old. Maybe buying online or visiting a tree nursery would help. Keep searching searching briergardener:)

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