Can I Chop a Cherry?

Edymnion(7a)February 18, 2013

I have two cherry trees I grow in my yard, a Bing and a... I honestly don't remember what it is now. Also got a mulberry and a few others, and bottom line is I don't have room for any more fruit trees.

However, the big box stores are getting their fruit trees in for the season, and they are oh so tempting.

Thing is, I've been wanting to graft some different branches onto my cherry trees to help with cross-pollination. I've also wanted to try making a bonsai tree that will produce small fruit.

So, the thought occurs that if I buy one of the cherry trees now, I can hold onto it until it warms up just a little more to get the sap flowing and chop it. I can dice up the branches for grafting, and then try to regrow the stump as a bonsai.

Thing is, I have no clue if a young cherry tree can survive being stumped. Does anyone else have experience with a cherry being cut back to 8-12 inches tall and still have it recover?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Some people chop the cherry tree down to the stump and pour saw dust over it and a bunch of new shoots come up with roots and that how you can create a bunch of rootstocks for future grafting.The process called stooling. I think you can cut the new cherry tree a little above the graft and that portion will send a new shoot for you to train it into a bonsai if you desire.


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Excellent. Off to waste $25 and kill a perfectly good cherry tree! =P

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