Newbie peach spray question

princesspea(sunset14)February 2, 2013

Hi all,
I am growing peaches the first time and I am confused about the spraying for leaf curl thing. The trees I have are "resistant" according to the Dave Wilson tags on them. They look like they will break bud within days and I want to know, do I need to spray?
I understand they need it three times, the nursery they came from is very well known for its great fruit tree culture so I am sure they sprayed earlier if needed. But being Saturday, nobody there is picking up the phone! (It's a small family business).
Gardenwebbers, can you help a girl out? Thanks!

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If they are about to break bud it may be too late, but if you want to try, you need to do it immediately.

Carla in Sac

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I would spray with copper, asap. Mrs. G

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thanks guys, this helps lots. I managed to talk to the guy at the nursery and he says they have been sprayed 3x but need one more at valentines day.

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Princess Pea:

Peach leaf curl is caused by a fungus (Taphrina deformans).
The fungus overwinters on buds, bark ect. When the bud scales swell and crack in spring, the fungus attacks the meristem. The leaves will open up twisted/puckered and have pink or yellow lumps on them. Once you see this, you will never forget this disease.

To prevent, you must spray with a fungicide BEFORE the leaf
buds crack open. It is too late to spray afterwards and get control. I spray with chlorothalonil in late March and
again a second spray the first week in April for SE WI. Your area is different than mine so all I can say is that you need to spray while the tree is dormant and be sure to
cover the entire tree (trunk, branches ect).

I cannot comment on "resistant" peach varieties as I have no experience with them.

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