how spreading is a northblue blueberry

mdo003February 10, 2014

thinking about trying to integrate one into my landscaping, height estimates seem pretty consistant at 2-3 feet but ive seen spread estimates at nurserys range from 24-36 inches to 6 feet. anybody know how much they actually spread and do they produce well without a pollinator?i used to have a potted duke but I didn't like the flavor so I got rid of it. im looking for a nice looking blueberry around the 2-3 ft tall and wide range, ideally a good producer with good flavor and I don't plan on having a pollinator if anyone has other varieties they recommend.

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I have a couple,but they're still kind of small.
Here is a link to a picture and some info. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Northblue Blueberry

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You will get higher qaulity/more berries with another bush. Northcountry is a good pollinator and is a dwarf getting around 2-3 feet. Ive found that even varietys that are "self pollinating" dont produce as much without another variety.
3 good dwarf varietys

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