Raspberry Shortcake Dwarf Thornless Raspberry

zaphod42February 7, 2014

Would love to have a raspberry patch, but lack the available space and location for the traditional variety. Came across Raspberry Shortcake Dwarf Thornless Raspberry. I'm contemplating the idea of putting it into a container for near the patio. Has anyone tried this dwarf variety? Thoughts? Would I need to overwinter in the garage if it was in a larger container or could I leave it out? Thanks!

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I am not an expert. I've been growing only a few fruits in containers for only a few years.

You could probably leave the pot outside for the winter if you bury the pot in leaves. I live in zone 5 and this approach has worked for me in the past (we'll see about -20 degrees.)

Unfortunately, you probably wouldn't get much fruit from raspberries in a single pot. I don't know anything about that variety. But a pot would have room for a limited number of canes. However, a small harvest might be better than none.

Would you consider another type of fruit? I currently grow blueberries, blackberries, and sweet cherries in pots. I think any of those would give you a larger yield.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

That raspberry cultivar is meant to grow in a pot. It is more of a bush than a vine. They introduced a couple blueberries too from this breeder. The call all three BrazelBerries. The blueberries are Peach Sorbet and Jelly BeanÃÂ .

Here's some info:
Fruit gardeners with limited space and an eye for beauty will love the the BrazelBerriesî They are new dwarf blueberries and raspberries bred to thrive in containers. True edible ornamentals, they are beautiful in all seasons and produce lots of delicious fruit in small spaces. They are perfect for folks with limited space who want to grow their own healthy food on a balcony or patio. They will also thrive planted in the ground in your yard. Raintree for many years has specialized in edible plants for the different niches in your yard including many varieties that will grow well in pots.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

This variety has been discussed a few times here at Gardenweb. Click the link below for a targeted Google search of the forums...

Here is a link that might be useful: Targeted Google Search

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