Need to name our farm!

nostalgicfarm(5)February 5, 2014

Coming here for some creative ideas!
We are trying to name our acreage. We have a creek through it and it is a big hill that goes down to the creek. I really want a farm name that is fun and maybe like it came from a storybook. You know something that evicts memories of Poohs 100 acre woods. We like the word Brook and Hollow rather than farm, etc. I don't want something like walnut that people just assume we have a bunch of walnut trees (although we do). I would love to hear what ideas you all have!

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Pooh Corner

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Storybook acres


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Cute names! I am looking for something just kind of fun and whimsical. A friend has a place with Briar in the name and I just loved how playful the word was (to me anyway!). Unfortunately, as much as I like that word in it, probably best to use a different word! Husband doesn't want anything too childish sounding, and would be happy to call it rusty acres...I want something that doesn't sound like things go there to die!

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Nostalgic Farm

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Thanks Rob :). I picked this name many years ago...and just haven't loved it. I picked this because I wanted to garden, have an orchard, raise chickens, crochet, and can. All things I think of olden days. Now, I have 3 kiddos and still want to do that stuff, but want the name to be a bit more playful. But it also needs to be grown up enough to make it a business. Also, kinda hard selling honey if we name it pecan or not selling pumpkins if we name it pumpkin something!

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Honey Hill Orchard

Honey Meadows

Honey Hill Creek

Family Farm Inc

3 Kids and a Goat Orchard

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Hill Creek Hollow
Honey Hollow
Honey Creek Hollow
Honey Brook Hollow
Honey Hill Hollow
Honey Hill Brook Hollow
Honey Woods Hollow
Add Pooh's to the beginning of any of these

Any more than these,I'm going to have to start charging by the hour. Brady

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Braeside Brook--nice ring, not a commonly used phrase.

Brae is Scottish for a hill slope and is pronounced "bray".

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Hollow Creek Farm
Hill Acres Estate / Farm
River Hill Estate / Farm
Meadow Creek Estate
Mighty Hill Estate
Valley Hill Farm / Estate
River Valley Farm / Estate
Meadow Hill Farm / Estate
Hill Top Estate/ Farm
Valley Creek Farm / Estate

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Coldcreek Farm
Cold Creak Hill
(I think I spelled creek wrong, sorry)
Hillside Creek Farm
Let us know what you chose.

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dave_f1 SC, USDA Zone 8a(7b)

Just brainstorming some pastoral words for you......hillside, glen, run, shire, bottom, flock, bough, dew, foggy, grove, farmstead, grassy, mossy, acres, gallop, pasture, paddock, pond, fox, honey, windy, meadow, brook, woods, shady, boggy, misty, ditch, path, spring, stream, path, trail

Hopefully this helps spark an idea!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Are there any names already associated with the land that you could incorporate? Has the creek or the hill got a traditional name? What did the original inhabitants call it?

I feel that grafted on cutesy name might sound rather twee.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

You guys in the UK take the crown for names. You guys name everything. I have sent letters and packages to England, and I have never seen such long addresses!!
We have named nothing here compared to you guys.
I myself am partial to American Indian names.
Little Big Farm
Running Bear Hollow
Jumping Wolf Estates

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Might I suggest another approach? Name your farm after a beloved ancestor.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I've always wondered over the years why more things have not been named after lady bugs as their shape and color should lend itself to logos.

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Maybe Storybrook Hollow?

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I have also been trying to think of a name for my recently-purchased land that I plan to use for mostly a hobby orchard and possibly market gardening. Since I used an inheritance from my uncle to buy it, I am thinking of Heritage Hill or Heritage Acres. The problem is that the local farmers' market is held at a museum called the Heritage Center, and I am afraid it could cause confusion. I have heard that for a business, one should stick with letters toward the beginning of the alphabet so you come first in Yellow Pages and other listings. With Internet, that might not apply. The town near my land also has a rather long name, so hard to incorporate that in the name. The town name might help outsiders remember where you are located. Some of those names suggested remind me too much of shopping center or housing development names. Northwoodswis

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I should mention that we don't have intentions of selling honey, however I dolove the word. In fact Honey Brook Hollow has been at the top of the llist, but it is rather long too. The word Honey just makes me smile. But I don't know if DH is sold on that word.
Gene-I like the ring of Braeside. Fun sounding and slightly quirky :). Keep them coming!
Konrad, Butterfly ...thanks! Lots more suggestions! Another thought, since we do have a creek running through our land, and we aren't using its name, we don't want to use the word creek in ours since it would be kinda weird to rename the creek...hence the reason for brook instead :)
Dave-thanks for the long list of great words! If I don't use one of them, I'm sure somebody else reading this post will!
Floral and Charlie-both of you thinking history here! There was an icehouse on the land at one point, and we have considered using that, however will probably name one of our buildings after that instead ... sometimes things get more complicated! I don't really have any favorite ancestors and DH already has a historic family farm. Kinda just wanting this place to be our own special legacy :)
Drew-love the word bear also...but might confuse people in Nebraska :)
Albert-Logos! That will be a whole another project! Especially if I ever start a website with our name!
Malna-I do love storybrook hollow. Has a fun unusual ring to it :)

I love to hear creative peoples ideas to stuff like this! I know the perfect name is out there. But I am ready to name this place...and not wanting to rename it down the road :). Keep throwing me your fun words or farmstead names! I bet several of these will get used just from others reading this board. They are all so fantastic.

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Northwoods-I hear you! I could see how Heritage would be a hard one with the center having the same word! I have used a Thesaurus for about every descriptive word that I like the meaning. Maybe there is a good one for Heritage? Or maybe something that the uncle liked? Like if he liked trains...something Depot? (For train depot). We are a small town, and I think anything that I did sell from our farm , people wouldn't be using the phone book anyway...I mostly Google all the phone numbers I need :)

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Nostalgicfarm-When we named our place in Idaho it was a no brainer. One afternoon we were setting on the porch and the wind was blowing through the large pine trees, sounded just like water rushing___"Wind River Acres"
Maybe if you give it time it will name its self like ours did.

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Campv-LOL. Our land acreage had the word wind in it, but I can't include the other words here :)

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My vote is for Braeside

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My great-aunt owned a store called Bonny Brae (after my great-grandpa's dairy business, Bonny Brae Dairy). They lived up on Fanny Hill (the name of the fanciest restaurant in town, believe it or not).

It's rather lovely when I think of it. Bonny Brae, Beautiful Hill.

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My great aunt had a place called Echo Hills but they had an echo from their front porch....

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Bunny Ranch

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mosquito blossom brook. angry worm orchard. ?

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