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hardone14February 14, 2013

I have a Pear tree that I have had for about nine years know, It only grows pears on one branch of the tree. The same branch every year. But it also has little pears about the size of berries all over the rest of the tree. The tree is over ten feet tall and has very good growth. I have pruned the tree this year and are awaiting spring to see if I get more than ten pears.If anyone knows what is going on with my tree.Can you please help.

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How much do you know about this tree's history? My best guess is that the good branch is all that remains of the original graft and that the rest of the tree has regrown from the rootstock. Does it look like that might have happened? In any case, I expect the only way you're ever going to get good pears from the rest of the tree is to cut it back, and then graft pieces of good pear branches back on to regrow the cut out sections. Where are you located?

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I planted this tree so I know the history of it. It has always been a heathy tree. I have cut it back a whole lot this year hopefully it will give me more than a few pears this year. I live in EL Paso Texas.

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If you planted it, I take it you bought a fruit-type pear tree at a nursery or big box store? Is there anything special about the one good branch? For instance, does it look like just a normal horizontal branch clearly growing normally off of the rest of the tree, or could the rest of the tree have grown up separately from the base (and then maybe grown together)? Would you be able to easily post a photo of the tree showing how the good branch connects in to the rest of the tree?

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alan haigh

I think it's clear that CF is onto something. Somehow the rootstock is most of the fruit tree and the grafted part is where you're getting your fruit. Otherwise maybe you have a sport- a genetic mutation on all but the good part of the tree. The tiny pears would all have to be connected to the same part of the tree for this to be the case and it's extremely unlikely.

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You could graft scions from the good branch onto the rest of the tree and cut off the rest.

Pears are the easiest trees to graft.

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Hi. My moonglow pear ,5 years old ,had a nice crop on all branches except for the top 2ft. Like yours those remained small 1'' , they are still on the tree . Perhaps improper fertilization or the tree is still to young are my two best guesses.

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