Oozing peach tree with black spot on scaffold

ryan89February 3, 2014

Any ideas what this could be?

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I think it's peach canker. I hope more experienced peach growers will chime in.

I was told that with canker, nothing much you can do but keep the tree healthy and vigorous so it can recover from this fungal disease.

It depends on where the canker is. When possible, you could remove the affected branch. I've heard that some trim off the affected area and spray with fungicide.Never try it.

I usually let my trees heal their canker wounds. So far, canker has not killed my peach trees yet.

Also, look out for peach borers, too. It's an insect that attacks the base of your tree. Look around the base for oozing jelly-like stuff.

In our area, growing peach is a lot more challenging than apple or pear.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

I agree with Mauang. It's canker. I also agree vigor is helpful against canker. If you can prune it off, that would probably be best.

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I was going to try to hold off and prune in march when the weather isnt as snowy an wet. Should i prune it off now or wait until the weather is better

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I was thinking about pruneing right above the branch to the left and getting rid of the stub and infected scaffold would that be the right thing to do

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Yes,I think that should be fine,if that branch growing to the left is wanted.Probably make the cut angled,so that water can roll off easily. Brady

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

If the disease is bacterial canker, the preferred time to prune is during dry weather.

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I agree with Jean. When I can, I prune all my fruit trees in dry weather. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of trees so I usually can wait for dry days. Exposing wood/cut to rain/wetness is something I would avoid.

Canker is already there. If I were you, I'd wait until it's a bit warmer (mid March) and prune then,

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Have a new peach tree about 1-2 years old. When tree arrived, it had a few blossoms,they have dried up and the peach tree stems are dry up and break, no green inside stem. Bark has dark brown spots. Now new leaves are growing Dow at the bottom of tree instead on the stems. Is the tree dying, does it have a fungus. Why are there no green leaves growing on the stems, they look like they are dead

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I suspect that the new growth down at the bottom is likely from its rootstock. It is not the kind of peach you want to grow for fresh eating.

Do you know how to identify a graft union (a point low on the trunk where it joins a rootstock,)? If you scratch the bark above the graft union and the cambium underneath is brown/tan, your tree is toasted, not sure from what. It can be a number of reasons.

If you give more detail about where you are, if the tree was potted or bare root, when, where and how it's planted, watered, etc., people here usually can tell you why it's dead.

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