wickson ripening date/how far north?

windfall_rob(vt4)February 18, 2013

Anyone fruiting Wickson:

I would be grateful to hear your average harvest date relative to some other mid-later season apples...Honeycrisp, Northern Spy,Black Oxford, Reine de reinette (thats for you Scott;)) or any other benchmarks I can use.

I gather it is a late season apple, but have not determined how late. And while supposed to be Z4 hardy, I am not sure I can fully ripen it this far north.

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Good question! Interested as well. (have scions ordered).

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Wickson is a late apple, its a touch later than Reine Des Reinettes for me. Its just before GoldRush, Orleans Reinette, and Rubinette.


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Well I know the timing and sequence won't correspond exactly but that is helpful Scott.
I just came across one chart that has it just prior to or with honeycrisp, which overlaps RdR for me.
If that's the case I shouldn't have any trouble with it.

Scott, are you saying Rubinette ripens close to goldrush? I thought it was quite a bit earlier? I had heard folks are getting ripe rubinette in the north, but to my knowledge goldrush just is not happening. Perhaps the cultivars behave differently moving north?
You have me nervous as I have a rubinette in this years tree orders

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Rob, in looking at my logs more I would not put Rubinette so late - the year it was late the tree was young and young trees don't ripen on as reliable a schedule. I should have looked at other years, for example this year Rubinette ripened before Hewes, Hawaii, Blenheim Orange, etc. This last year RdR did not set so I was not looking at that year when comparing logs for you.

This last year Wickson ripened even later though, it was similar to GoldRush and Winesap.


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thanks for taking the time to look at that scott I appreciate it.

It sounds like wickson may be stretch on some years....I can work with that.....just makes them more of a treat!

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