sprays for potted cherry trees

queensinfoFebruary 4, 2014

I have a lapins and black gold which were growing great last year until mid summer, when i had what originally appeared to be Oriental fruit moth damage (although that was not completely confirmed by the fine folks here). I also had some oozing and gum on the trunk and lower branches and worried that it may have been a canker.
The ends of the brnaches started to die back and i had some brown spots on the leaves, which leaves eventually died.

I am hoping to avoid the damage this year as it will be my third year with the trees and hoping to get fruit.

what i think i have figured out si that i should do a dormant oil spray or horticultrual oil (neem?) sometime around march and maybe a copper spray around the same time? I think some dormant oils also have copper? Anything else i would need to spray? I had a minimal amount of jap beetles, which mostly chomped on my pink lemonade blueberries.

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That sounds like canker. I had a big problem with it last year in my potted cherry and peach trees. There is no spray for it. I've read that an increased PH helps as does increased nitrogen in the soil. A fall (before leaf drop) folar application of urea might also help.

Here is a link that might be useful: folar urea

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I think you have two common cherry tree diseases; leave spot and canker.

Myclobutanil brand I use is Immunox made by Spectracide. It also helps with Cedar Apple Rust if you have apples.

Canker is harder. Common practice is to keep a tree healthy (in pot - not letting the tree becomes water- stressed or over-wateried) and cut off cankers branch (if possible)

I attached a link for you to check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cherry tree diseases

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below is a link to some pictures from early summer showing the branch die back and leaf spots. The canker type gum and weeping was in late summer. At that point 75% of leaves were probably gone.

So spectracide as leaves emerge seems to be the way to go. What about a dormant spray also?

Here is a link that might be useful: Prior post with pictures

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I agree with others re. dead shoots. It looked very much like an OFM damage. I had it on my peaches but not on the cherry, though.

I spray it with Triazicide Once and Done, also made by Spectracide. OFM may have up to 5 generations in a growing season so you may have to spray a few times starting soon after petal fall (when flowers gone). OFM attacks both fruit and branch tips/shoots.

For leave spot, look for Immunox (I bought concentrated one), not Immunox Plus .

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