Cherry trees

blue72February 16, 2014

Do anybody have a dwart cherry? Cause I'm think about buy one. Post some pic of them.

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Sweet cherry or tart cherry? I grow North Star for a dwarf
tart cherry (along with Mesabi and Surecrop). My sweet cherry is Black Gold on G5 rootstock. It bore its first crop
last year -15 cherries but the tree is young and perhaps 6' tall.

Attached is a shot of my North Star cherry. I keep the height down to 7' so I can easily get a net over it.

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I grow a North Star tree here and many others. There is a wide variety of bush cherries that are worth growing such as Carmine Jewell and other romance series cherries, evans, Nanking cherry, Elwyn Meaders cherries which are Joel ,Joy, and Jan to name a few. You have a lot of options. This year I'm grafting stella and lapins etc. on to semi dwarfs which are Ferci Pontaleb Mahaleb .

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Here are a couple of buckets of my prunus besseyi red and black cherries (aka western sand cherry) but they are strictly grown for jelly by everyone I know. They are not tasty fresh in most cases. They produce about 2 quarts to a gallon of fruit per bush for me when they are mature. They last 10-20 years typically. The bushes should cost less than $2 per bush. A slightly improved variety is Hansen. I attached a link with additional data on this cherry and if you do decide to grow it be careful how you process it

Here is a link that might be useful: Western Sand Cherry Info

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This is a picture of my western sand cherry bush with fruit on it. The branches become to heavy with fruit for the bush to support itself.

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My grafts of stella and lapins failed this year due to an unexpected long duration of cold weather. I grafted early and it wound up being to early. It seems I'm destined for now to live without sweet cherries and have lots of sour least until next year.

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