Fruit tree placement question

greendreamhomeFebruary 7, 2014

I'm asking this question rather last minute, but I just found this forum!

We have four new fruit trees that we're planting tomorrow right before we irrigate. There's an Earligrande peach, an Anna apple, a Katy apricot and a 3-kinds-of-pluot (one is Dapple Dandy.) We have irrigated property.

The trees are going to be in a square or rectangle, two closer to the fence and two toward the inside of our yard. One fence spot and one inside spot rarely get shade, while one fence spot and one inside spot can get partial afternoon shade in the summer from other trees and the position of the sun.

The apricot tree is younger than the other three, and hasn't been trimmed by the grower to limit its height. The other three have already had some pruning attention. The apple has some leaves and flowers and the others are still dormant (the peach has a few little buds.)

So: Who might I want toward the interior of the yard to make pruning easier? Who needs all-sun, all-the-time more than others? Who has the strongest-smelling flowers (that one might go farther from the house.)

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The apple will need the least pruning. Others about the same. Pluot have the best smelling flowers. I'd put those where you want a nice fragrance unless allergic. Apple in the spot shaded from harsh afternoon sun. Others like full sun. Apple will tolerate full sun if well watered.

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Thanks! I think I've figured out where I'm going to put each tree.

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