I'm planting two varieties of watermelon

GreenThumb789February 7, 2013


So this summer I want to plant two different varieties of watermelon. And when harvest time comes, I want to collect the seeds and plant them next year. But I know that two watermelon varieties will cross pollinate, so I was wondering how far do I have to plant the two varieties away from eatchother in order for them not to cross pollinate? I heard of bagging the flowers but I'd rather just plant them far away from eatchother.


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I've read that with watermelons 1/8 mile can sometimes be good enough but that if you really want pure seed you should plan on at least a mile of isolation distance. The other option besides bagging and distance isolation, however, would be planting one early and one late, making sure the early variety wasn't continuing to bloom when the late variety got ready to bloom.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

What I'd do is pollinate chosen flowers by hand. You just have to bag for about three days at most. They need to be pollinated the first day the flower opens. The second day is usually too late. So if you bag the day before opening, pollinate the next day, and keep it bagged another day you will have pure seed.

It's really not hard to spot the right days. Pollinate the morning of first open, about an hour after sunrise, as soon as the flower opens.

One melon of pure seed is a lot of seed. And it would be easy to mark the fruit with a colored ribbon.

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You didn't specify open-pollinated varieties, so just in case you aren't aware, you can't use hybrid watermelon varieties if you want to grow the same kind next year, because they won't come true-to-seed whether self pollinated or not.

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