cheery bush naking

layton04February 10, 2013

I bought sixteen naking and suger bushes can someone give me some info

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Im growing nanking from seed, so I researched a bit:

THey grow fairly slowly, to about 8 feet tall (bigger ones get to 10) and about the same width. They get used quite frequently in saskatchewan and alberta as shelterbelts (windbreaks). They look like cherry, but are more closely related to plums, therefore you can apparently graft plums to them.

I cant give any info on how they taste, but Ive read its similar to tart cherries, or since its related to plums, im wondering if its more of a plum taste?

There is lots of information with a simple google.

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I would say that they taste more like tart cherries than they do plums; around here they have a sharp quality, but are very tasty and keep you coming back. They're small but plentiful, easy to pick. Make quite nice jelly with a beautiful color. I'm using one as the rootstock for a prune, and that seems to be working. Lucky has grafted plums to them too. Bird love them.

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