Plum Rootstocks Mariana 2624 vs Krymsk 1

andrew_swmo(6 SW MO)February 18, 2013

I wonder if anybody is growing plums on these rootstocks and can share their experience. Can you please comment on tree vigor, size, how long until the trees fruit, ...etc? Thank you.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I've had plum and pluot on Krymsk1 for about 6 years. It is very dwarfing, bears early, and has given very high quality fruit. I have taken out a couple of those trees mostly because of too much water stress. That's what gives me the high brix but I had one tree in particular that the stress was so bad even with extra water the the fruit shriveled up. When I dug it out with much effort it was a mass of roots. Maybe it was just that spot.

Most of my trees on 2624 are young but growing well. I'm moving to it from Citation because of too much crown gall on Citation.

All my stone fruit on any rootstock including Lovell and Nemaguard bear the 2nd leaf if they get well established the first leaf. But that is in a greenhouse with a 300 day growing season.

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