Help pruning peach tree

ryan89February 2, 2014

I purchased a halehaven semi-dwarf peach tree last spring and planted it. I'm new to peach trees and need help pruning. I purchased the tree from homedepot. I have attached a photo. I am in zone 6b Plymouth massachusetts. Any help would be appreciated The tree tag said the tree was 2-3 years old

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I would like to prune to an open center

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Here is a good video

Here is a link that might be useful: Open center Pruning

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There looks to be a couple of different ways that I'd do it and depends on the spacing of the present branches.Because the photo is only from one side and view,it's a little difficult.What may be helpful is a shot from directly above the plant,but don't go to any extremes.
From what is seen,I'd take off that lowest single branch if close to the ground.
Then work with what's left,the two scaffolds.Three or four branches are needed to be left and should be several inches apart,running the length of the trunk and pointing in different directions from each other as much as possible.Then trim the ends of these by about a third,to an outward facing bud.Also try to pick the saved branches with crotch angles that are not too tight.Cut the top of the tree off just above the highest branch saved. Brady

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Got more photos

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The last picture has a pear tree in the background. Had a pine tree fall on it during a storm and ripped it in half but there's 3 pictures of the peach tree

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Also,don't forget to spray for Peach Leaf Curl. Brady

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From the photos, it looks like you have 2 different sets of
scaffold branches. I would take off the bottom single branch and also remove the entire set of upper scaffold branches. In essence remove the leader that grows upward from the first set of scaffolds, thereby removing all of the upper scaffolds with just one cut. I know this may sound severe, but a peach tree only needs one set of scaffolds. By the way your tree is growing, the upper scaffolds will shade out the lower scaffolds, and you won't have an open center tree.

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Yea feom all the visdeos ive watched thats what i was thinking ray rose but i was worried it would kill it. I attached another photo. This is my first peach tree i have never pruned it. I attempted to thin out the branches during summer.

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I know trees are tough because we had a storm last year and a pine tree fell on my pear tree and it set fruit the next year. The pine tree litterally ripped the pear tree in half

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I really need to prune my 2 peach trees also They are about 4 years old, So I also appreciate the advise here, Bradybb, what would you use to spray for Peach Leaf Curl.

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I use Bonide's Fung-onil.It contains Chlorothalonil,which can be used for other applications on fruits and vegetables.There are other companies which make their own using that product.
Most people probably spray some form of Copper though.I'd not recommend Bonide's Copper.I've read that it is too weak for PLC. Brady

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Ryan, At first I was going to recommend that you leave the lowest thick branch to develop a good open vase structure. When I looked at your picture today of the oozing I changed my mind. If you have a pruning saw I'd take that branch off at the collar. That's the wrinkly area that forms when a branch comes out of another branch. Start your saw cut at the bottom about 1/8" to 1/4" from the collar. Cut at about a 30 to 40 degree angle to the top of the branch. Take care ending the cut so not to scar the existing branch. There's also a small branch near that I'd remove. Also the really lower small branch.

This is the beginning of your open vase. It's a little bit high for my preference but that's what your tree gave you.

If you looked at the pruning video from NC you can use their info from that point on. Take off all upward and downward facing branches.

The oozing looks like sap to me but I'm not very good about peach trees. Also if the sap is starting to rise this may not be the best time to prune. Others could tell you this.

Good Luck.

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Thank you. Jbraun. I dont know why the peach tree is oozing. We are having a weird winter. It was 50 degrees yesterday and today we are getting 5 inches of snow. Im not sure when would be a good time to prune. Febuary here is usually snowy and cold

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I just saw a post from Harvestman that said from bud to bloom would be the best time for Peach trees.

That was on a thread by jimmy56. Close to yours.

Good Luck

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